Building schools and libraries, putting books in the hands of children!

Since 1998, Ethiopia Reads has built five schools, planted 72 libraries, and now annually serves over 130,000 children.

  • At 97 million, Ethiopia is Africa's 2nd largest country
  • There are 43 million children ages 0-14 (44% of pop.)
  • Only 5.5% of children attend kindergarten and pre-K
  • Primary school attendance (ages 7-12) is just 68%
  • Adult literacy is 49%
  • The male literacy rate is 57%
  • The female literacy rate is 41%
  • 7.5% of adults have any post-secondary education

Ethiopia Reads collaborates with local populations to support educators, promote literacy, and empower future leaders.

Our efforts go beyond just building schools and libraries.

In rural areas, our horse-powered literacy program reaches children with no access to schools.  We support professional development year-round with workshops, discussion circles, mentoring, and program evaluation.  And Team Tesfa works with children and young adults seeking to escape poverty through athletics as well as academics.




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